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Dalton Estate Pinot Gris 2016

Dalton Estate Pinot Gris 2016 Kosher White Wine - (750ml)



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Dalton Estate Pinot Gris 2016

Dalton wines share a commonplace and culture. Each of these wines was created with the utmost respect for the vineyards and the natural flavor of their fruits. This Dalton Estate Pinot Gris is a refreshing white wine from Israel's Galilee. The appearance is very clear and nearly transparent with a soft light yellow tint to it. has a pleasant aroma that is fruity with loads of lemon, gooseberries, apricots and Golden Delicious apples. It is very light in the mouth with a little acid in the mid-palate and a stronger acidity in the finish.

    • Producer:
    • Region:
    • Alcohol%:
    • Vintage:
    • Kosher for Passover
    • Dalton
    • Israel
    • 12.5%
    • 2016
    • Yes
    • Varietals:
    • Wine Size:
    • Dryness:
    • Wine Type:
    • Mevushal:
    • Pinot Gris
    • 750ml
    • Dry
    • White Wine
    • Not Mevushal

  • Food Pairing

    Goes well with rich bread and roasted meats.





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