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Saba Yair’s Winery Sweet Pomegranate Wine - (750ml)

Saba Yair’s Winery Sweet Pomegranate Wine - (750ml)


Saba Yair’s Winery

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Saba Yair’s Winery Sweet Pomegranate Wine

This sweet, delicious wine could be served chilled as dessert wine or enjoyed on its own. It has sweet pomegranate notes to deliver a full body taste. On his small piece of land in the Jezreel Valley in Israel, Saba Yair was producing pomegranate wine for his own pleasure. At the outset only family and friends enjoyed the wine, but very soon the demand grew and the winery grew. Currently it is producing 20,000 bottles a year. Saba Yair's pomegranate wine is produced through a rigorous process which aims to preserve the flavors of pomegranate, with an emphasis on maintaining its health properties.

      • Producer:
      • Region:
      • Alcohol%:
      • Vintage:
      • Kosher for Passover:
      • Saba Yair’s Winery
      • Israel
      • 14.5%
      • 2015
      • Yes
      • Varietals:
      • Wine Size:
      • Dryness:
      • Wine Type:
      • Mevushal:
      • Blend
      • 750ml
      • Sweet
      • Red Wine
      • Not Mevushal




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