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Bartenura Asti Champagne Sweet & Sparkling Kosher Wine (750ml)

Bartenura Asti Champagne Sweet & Sparkling Kosher Wine (750ml)



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Bartenura Asti Champagne Sparkling White Wine (750ml)

Bartenura Moscato Sweet is a sweet kosher Moscato Sparkling white wine., Rich flavors of fruit or present. This sparkling wine is produced from grapes grown in New York State. It has been fermented with special champagne yeast and extended contact to enhance the complexity of the champagne

      • Producer:
      • Region:
      • Alcohol%:
      • Vintage:
      • Kosher for Passover
      • Bartenura
      • Italy
      • 7%
      • 2018
      • Yes
      • Varietals:
      • Wine Size:
      • Dryness:
      • Wine Type:
      • Mevushal:
      • Moscato
      • 750ml
      • Sweet
      • Sparkling Table Wine
      • Mevushal

  • Food Pairing

    Is wonderful with dessert and fresh fruit.  Best Served chilled.

    About The Name

    Ovadia ben Abraham of Bertinoro, near Forlì, was a rabbi and a commentator on the Mishnah, and was commonly known as "The Bartenura." Born in the second half of the 15th century in Italy, he was a pupil of Joseph ben Solomon Colon (known as the Maharik) and became a rabbi in Bertinoro, a town in the province of Forlì whence he derived his by-name, and in Castello.

    This winery was named in his honor, in tribute to his Italian heritage, combining his greatness with the storied heritage of Italian winemaking. The wines have been sourced from all over the greatest regions of Italy, in pursuit of bringing the best Italy has to offer.



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