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Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon Whisky (750ml Bottle)

Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon Whisky (750ml Bottle)


Burnside Bourbon

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Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon Whisky

Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon Whisky- The distiller takes their award-winning Burnside Bourbon and denies the aging process for another 60 full days in 59-gallon heavy-charred Oregon oak barrels, adding subtle new flavors to their already great-tasting bourbon. Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon shows off the deliciously different elements that can be brought out when finishing a previously-aged bourbon in a different barrel. Oregon's diverse climate grows a rare, drought-resistant, difficult-to-season oak that was primarily used as firewood until some clever, forward-thinking vintners came along. Their unique use of Oregon oak lends a nuanced layer of flavor you'll want to take your time with sip after sip, neat or in a cocktail with a twist.


Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon Whisky

  • Producer: Burnside Bourbon
  • Region: Portland, Oregon
  • Alcohol: 48%
  • Age: No
  • Kosher for Passover: No
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Type: Straight Bourbon whiskey
  • AppearanceCopper.
  • Aroma: Moderate woodiness with corn undertones and orange citrus. Playful sugared toast and a bit of butterscotch mid-palate.
  • Flavor: Warm caramel with hints of cedar, sweet corn, and butterscotch.
  • Finish: Long and dry finish.




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