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Cali Distillery Riptide Rye Whiskey (750ml Bottle)

Cali Distillery Riptide Rye Whiskey (750ml Bottle)


Cali Distillery

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Cali Distillery Riptide Rye Whiskey

Cali Distillery Riptide Rye Whiskey- idea of a perfect Rye Whiskey. It is 95% rye with just enough malted barley to drive the fermentation process. We are so enamored of this mash bill, that we do our best to bottle it as purely as it comes out of the barrel. Cask Strength, this 118 proof spirit has a beautiful amber color and an earthy overtone. The rich butterscotch notes of oak complement the underlying spice of the Rye to make an incredibly smooth Rye Whiskey.

Cali Distillery Riptide Rye Whiskey

  • Producer: Cali Distillery
  • Region: Gardena, California
  • Alcohol: 59%
  • Age: No
  • Kosher for Passover: No
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Type: Rye whiskey
  • AppearanceToffee.
  • Aroma: Rye, spice, fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, oak, char and a bit of Smarties and gummy orange candy.
  • Flavor: Rye, spice, leather, pepper, herbal, grain, young oak and a bit of olde candy and fruit.
  • Finish: Young oak, lemon-pepper, spice, and candy.



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