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Chateau Bellerives Dubois Bordeaux 2016 Kosher Red Wine - (750ml)

Chateau Bellerives Dubois Bordeaux Kosher Red Wine - (750ml)


Bellerives Dubois

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Chateau Bellerives Dubois Bordeaux (750ml)

The Bordeaux region is considered as the largest fine wine-producing area in the world. The red wines of the AOC Bordeaux mainly consist of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon harvested all over the Bordeaux region stretching from the north of Medoc to the south of Saint-Emilion. Bordeaux wines are appreciated worldwide because it's unique terroir provides harmony elegance, power, balance, and aromatic complexity.

Its soft, accessible flavors of blackberry, plum, and tobacco are already showing their full potential. This is not an oaky wine - instead, the focus is on the natural fruit flavors of the grape. Better to open it an hour before serving.

      • Producer:
      • Region:
      • Alcohol%:
      • Kosher for Passover
      • Bellerives Dubois
      • France
      • 12%
      • Yes
      • Varietals:
      • Wine Size:
      • Dryness:
      • Wine Type:
      • Mevushal:
      • Bordeaux
      • 750ml
      • Dry
      • Red Wine
      • Mevushal

  • Food Pairing

    Pair well with rib-eye steaks, chicken fricassee, or grilled eggplant.





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