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Hevron Heights Eden Quintessence Sweet Ice Wine - (500ml)

Hevron Heights Eden Quintessence Sweet Ice Wine - (500ml)


Hevron Heights

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Hevron Heights Eden Quintessence Sweet Ice Wine

This wine is an original sweet white wine made from ice. A selection of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling, was frozen by a unique technique specially developed by our winemaker. Once the grapes were frozen, they were pressed. The water- actually bits of ice- is what’s extracted. The intense flavor comes from the highly concentrated must, rich with acid, which didn’t freeze. The juice was fermented in tanks for 2 months and then aged in French oak barrels for 36 months.

      • Producer:
      • Region:
      • Alcohol%:
      • Kosher for Passover:
      • Hevron Heights
      • Israel
      • 11%
      • Yes
      • Varietals:
      • Wine Size:
      • Dryness:
      • Wine Type:
      • Mevushal:
      • Ice Wine
      • 500ml
      • Sweet
      • White Wine
      • Not Mevushal



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