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Jose Cuervo Silver Especial - (750ml)

Jose Cuervo Silver Especial - (750ml)


Jose Cuervo

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Jose Cuervo Silver Especial 

This Especial Silver Tequila has 250 years of distilling experience standing behind it. On the nose, we are smelling wonderful agave notes alongside white pepper, and a pleasantly rich creaminess. Certainly an incredibly well balanced silver tequila. On the palate, we’re right in the sweet spot. Not to fat, not to lean. The finish is decent in length with warm agave notes, a creamy vanilla flavor, and soft pepper to round everything out. We can see why so many people return to Jose Cuervo over and over. This Tequila is quite versatile. Easily sipped, or mixed into a wonderful margarita.


        • Producer:
        • Region:
        • Alcohol%:
        • Vintage:
        • Kosher for Passover:
        • Jose Cuervo
        • Mexico
        • 40%
        • No
        • No
        • Type:
        • Bottle Size:
        • Finish:
        • Type:
        • Proof:
        • Blanco
        • 750ml
        • Clean Finish
        • Tequila
        • 80






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