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Righteous Road Gibor
Righteous Road Gibor

Righteous Road Gibor


Righteous Seven

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Whiskey Liqueur

An original blend of straight rye and bourbon whiskeys 

with Righteous Seven® liqueur

GIBOR™ (/ghee-bore/) is a new brand of whiskey liqueur brought to you by Righteous Road® Craft Spirits (  

There are very few whiskey liqueurs on the market and this is the first using a blend of straight rye and bourbon whiskeys together with a highly awarded craft liqueur.  It also sits at 80 proof. 

The rye used is a high rye at 95% with 5% malted barley. The bourbon is 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley.  Our Righteous Seven® liqueur is made from wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, figs, olives, and dates, and has won double gold medals at both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the SIP Awards Competition.  

Once blended and rested, this whiskey liqueur brings a taste profile that combines notes of spice and caramel from the whiskeys together with the forest fruits and chocolate tones of Righteous Seven, all in one satisfying and smooth pour.

GIBOR™ is best experienced neat or on the rocks.  Enjoy as well with your favorite cigar.

A ‘Gibor’ is the Hebrew word for a ‘strong and mighty one.’  A Gibor shows fortitude and courage to uphold moral virtue when challenge and adversity knock at the door.  We hope you enjoy it and that your ride is a righteous one.



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