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Righteous Seven® Liqueur - (750ml)

Righteous Seven Liqueur - (750ml)


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Righteous Seven® Liqueur - (750ml)

The original Righteous Seven® is the first Liqueur made exclusively from the Seven Species of wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives, and dates. In the 16th century, the famous Kabbalist R. Isaac Luria revealed that these seven foods had supernatural energies uniquely associated with the seven emotive characteristics of the human soul. Wheat corresponds to kindness; Barley to strength; Grapes to beauty; Figs to endurance; Pomegranates to splendor; Olives to foundation; and Dates to kingship. By combining the physical and spiritual properties of all seven fruits and grains together into one exceptional taste, an otherworldly liqueur has been born to indulge the senses.

Winner of the Double Gold Medal—2019 SIP Awards International Spirits Competition

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        • Region:
        • Alcohol%:
        • Vintage:
        • Kosher for Passover
        • Righteous Seven
        • United States
        • 30%
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        • Fruity
        • 750ml
        • Clean Finish
        • Liqueur 




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