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The Fifth Cup™ Liqueur
The Fifth Cup™ Liqueur

The Fifth Cup™ Liqueur


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The Fifth Cup™ Liqueur 

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The Fifth Cup™ liqueur was born from the kabbalistic teaching that there are five gates of salvation  through which kindness flows each day. The Fifth Cup™ is shown surrounded by the five-petaled  rose, representing the five gates. The rose serves as the conduit for the cup of blessing.  

On Passover, four cups of wine are drunk which represent four different aspects of redemption.  The fifth cup though is one level higher than redemption, the level of our daily sustenance, which is expressed in Psalm 136: The Lord “provides every single creature with food.” It is aptly recorded in  the Talmud that “providing sustenance is greater than redemption.” The Fifth Cup™ was  developed to acknowledge this wonder. 

The Fifth Cup™ liqueur is hand-crafted with the finest figs, apricots, dates, almonds and pistachios to create a taste reminiscent of renewal and springtime. It is meant to be enjoyed during Passover and the rest of the year as gratitude to the Almighty, who sustains us each day.



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